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We work with you to implement data-driven sales and marketing strategies to increase qualified leads in your pipeline and overall sales.
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We love
a spreadsheet

Modern marketing is a revenue-generating department. All the work we do is with one eye firmly on how marketing contributes to the bottom line. Our strategies are based on data and we implement actions on a test and learn basis.

What we do

We work as part
of your team

Working with Chamara is like adding additional expert members to your marketing team. We have weekly calls with our clients but are also available via email, telephone, instant message, Slack and carrier pigeon whenever you have a question. Well maybe not carrier pigeon…

What we do

We get our
hands dirty

Writing strategies is all well and good, but the real work begins with the implementation. We will implement marketing actions, test new channels and run the campaigns for you. All you have to do is wait for the results.

What we do

The marketing miracles we can perform

Generate qualified leads

  • Design an inbound marketing strategy
  • Drive qualified traffic to your website
  • Convert casual visitors into leads
  • Nurture your existing database

Implement a marketing machine

  • Optimise your sales & marketing processes
  • Externalise your marketing team from A to Z
  • Implement data tracking & performance monitoring
  • Train your team (Hubspot, Salesforce)

noCRM.io increased revenue by 40% thanks to Chamara

Sunny Paris, CEO & Founder at noCRM.io

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We look at what’s working and what’s not, build a strategy and then implement the actions.

We’re not here just to write you a beautifully designed PowerPoint deck and leave you to do the dirty work, we analyse what’s going on, write a tailored strategy AND put in the place the actions.
Audit current activities
Create a growth strategy
Implement actions
Test & optimise
What We Do

Working with Chamara felt like a true extension of our Marketing team, always very reactive. They helped us hit the ground running and kickstart our growth strategy

Laetitia Van Hoeke Head, of Marketing Birdie

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Meet Chamara

Chamara was founded by Charlotte Costa and Tamara Rorrison in 2017. Both of us started our careers working in small companies and start-ups so we know what it’s like to have to perform miracles with limited resources and tight budgets.

We have over ten years’ experience in B2B Sales and Marketing respectively and we also work with a network of experts to help us ensure that our clients have access to specialised knowledge for channels such as PPC, Paid Social, Content and SEO.

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