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Working with Chamara you’ll add expert resources to your in-house team. We are there to support and amplify actions you are already undertaking, as well as suggest new strategies and optimisations.
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How we can help

Growth strategy

Implement a scalable growth plan

If you are not getting the marketing results your business needs, we will put together a scalable growth strategy designed to get you in front of your target audience, generate qualified leads and ultimately grow your business.

Inbound marketing

Attract more traffic, more leads and more sales

Inbound marketing works by creating compelling content that tells a story about your brand and products. We will help you identify the key challenges and needs of your prospects and implement inbound marketing actions that support your sales team by delivering them qualified leads that are ready to convert into customers.

Paid campaigns

Rapidly boost lead generation

We will begin by analysing whether paid channels such as Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn are the right ones for your business strategy and target audience. If so, we will create individual strategies according to each channel, copywrite the ads and launch the campaigns. We will also manage the campaigns on a daily basis, recommending and implementing optimisations according to results.

Content marketing

Create content that converts

We can help you create blog articles, white papers, ebooks, webinars and case studies specifically designed for your target audience. We’ll create strategies that use this content to attract, nurture and convert qualified leads via marketing automation workflows.

Marketing stack & Hubspot

Use the right technology for the job

As part of our initial audit, we will review the marketing software you already have in place including your CRM, marketing automation software and tools for analytics and tracking. We will identify and implement optimisations. If you still need help setting up your marketing stack, we will recommend appropriate tools according to your needs and help you with the integration. We are not paid partners of any software so all our recommendations are based 100% on your requirements and budget.


Generate the right kind of leads

Your website is your most powerful marketing channel. We will identify how to optimise messaging and lead generation mechanisms in order to generate more qualified inbound leads.

Benefit from a network of experts

We work with specialists in many fields to help ensure we’re delivering optimised, up to date strategies for our clients. You get to benefit from expert advice for a reasonable budget.

  • SEO
  • SEA Campaign Managers
  • Social Ad Experts
  • Hubspot Certified Specialists
  • Content Creators

The Chamara approach

Sales + Marketing = Business Magic

We believe that Sales and Marketing should work together. The actions we put in place are designed to support your Sales team by delivering qualified leads and/or content that helps them do their job better.

Test → Learn → Test Again

Once the initial strategy is put in place, we work in an iterative fashion to test actions and channels and learn from the results. We then make optimisations and adjust the strategy accordingly.

We Data

We base our marketing decisions and performance measurement wherever possible and feasible. We also believe that one of the secrets to performing marketing miracles with a small team is structure and processes which is why we will equip your team with guides and documents designed to help them be as efficient as possible and to avoid mistakes.
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Be up and running in three months

We find that an initial collaboration of three months is ideal for us to be able to build a strategy, implement actions and start to see results. After that we can continue working together or we can train your teams to take on the processes we have implemented.

Step 1 : Audit

We start with an audit of your current sales and marketing processes and activities. This enables us to understand your business inside and out and identify immediate optimisations.

[ 2 weeks ]

Step 2: Strategy & Implementation

Based on this analysis, we create a three-month growth strategy and then put in place actions which will enable you to sell more effectively to your target audiences via channels that convert.

[ 4-6 weeks ]

Step 3 : Scale

We will manage the campaigns, report on performances and implement marketing processes for your team. We can also help hire and train new marketing team members.

[ 4 weeks onward ]

Throughout this process, we maintain a weekly call with our clients and are available via instant message, or phone or email at any time for questions.

We’ve been working with Chamara since Skywork launched back in 2017. With their help, we were able to quickly establish ourselves as a key business service in the Lyon Part-Dieu district, have seen amazing results for our office rental services and have now become a trusted partner for major brands for our meeting room hire services.

Camille Loth, CEO and Founder - Skywork

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