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About the client

Co-founded in 2014 by Sunny Paris and Güven Urganci, was designed with one objective in mind - to make life easier for salespeople.  The lead management platform aims to give sales executives and managers complete control of their sales pipeline as well as make prospection and client follow-ups easier. The app differentiates itself from traditional CRMs by being intuitive to use and designed with only the needs of salespeople in mind. 

Formerly known as “You Don’t Need a CRM!”, the Paris-based company is experiencing a period of rapid growth with more than 9,000 users in 80 countries. In 2019 they opened four new offices and the platform was made available in seven different languages. 


The online sales software market is extremely competitive. Users are confronted with a wealth of software and struggle to understand the differences between CRMs, ERPs and lead management tools like This also leads to increased costs particularly for channels like Google Adwords where bids are high for the main keywords.

Thanks to the success of the team had grown rapidly. As in any new business, there were a lot of junior team members, mostly specialised in tech rather than marketing with little or no processes in place. Some marketing activities had been tested but without being integrated into a global strategy.

In addition,’s international expansion was dependant on a careful management of resources, both time and budget-wise, in order to have a global impact. Cultural differences in marketing messages, how sales software is used, the maturity of each market and marketing channel required an approach based on data analysis, AB testing and prioritisation.

When you’re in a growth phase where you have to handle both the recruitment of a new team and managing the company at the same time, it’s important to be able to rely on professionals. We chose Chamara for their professionalism, their knowledge of digital and SaaS marketing as well as for the close working relationship they established with the founders. They also helped save us a lot of time by enabling us to start structuring our team while taking the time to choose the right Sales and Marketing managers.

Sunny Paris, Founder & CEO,



We started with a detailed audit of’s existing marketing strategy and key channels. This included an analysis of the website and its effectiveness in generating traffic and leads. We also reviewed the performance of all their online marketing actions to date (advertising campaigns, content marketing, SEO, email campaigns etc).

We identified the key buyer personas for the product and evaluated whether current messaging was appropriate for these target audiences. Finally we conducted a benchmarking analysis to fully understand the competitor landscape was operating in.

Online marketing strategy

We then worked with to define a global marketing strategy defining priority actions for each target audience. The main objective was to boost qualified traffic to the website and increase the number of free trials across key markets  whilst maintaining a constant cost per lead.

Later in our collaboration, we developed launch strategies for the opening of the offices in the new markets, Italy, Germany and Russia.

Implementation of actions


The first priority was to optimise the existing paid campaigns  to ensure the budget was being spent effectively. We evaluated and optimised the ad copy and introduced landing pages to test new messaging and improve conversion rates.

Next we created strategies to test new paid advertising channels including Facebook and LinkedIn. This included drafting ad copy, briefing the designer and launching the campaigns. We then trained a team member to manage and optimise campaigns based on results.


As part of the audit, we identified a number of technical optimisations that could be undertaken on the website in order to benefit the SEO. Once these were put in place, we undertook research to create a comprehensive SEO strategy with a list of priority keywords to target.

Email campaigns

We implemented an email campaign to follow up with users that had not become paying clients during the 15-day free trial with a special offer to increase conversions.

Content marketing

When we began our collaboration, already had a content writer who was actively producing content for their blog. However there was no strategy or objectives in place to generate leads via the creation of content.

Following our SEO analysis and profiling of’s target audience, we put together a content strategy containing the types of content to create,  the subjects to cover and how to promote the content created. We  drafted an editorial plan and worked to implement it with the content writer. We also put in place KPIs to measure the performance of the content created and how it was contributing to business objectives.


In order to ensure that the marketing activity was contributing to business growth via new clients and revenue, we created a business dashboard to measure the impact of each of the marketing channels.  Each team member was responsible for analysing the performance of their particular activity, completing the dashboard and presenting the results at a monthly meeting.

Team management

During our collaboration, asked Chamara to take on the roles of both Marketing and Sales Directors whilst hiring for full time employees was in progress. As part of these roles, we proposed a new structure for the marketing and sales teams, identifying key roles and responsibilities for each team member. We then put in place weekly meetings with each member of the team, implemented action plans for each person and a reporting system.

We also supported the recruitment and onboarding of the new team members.


The collaboration was great, it helped us raise the level of our young team and gave us some structure to our processes. Our team learned how to optimise each of their marketing actions, how to maximise time and effort by reusing marketing activities in different formats and how content marketing, SEO, social media, SEM work together on Internet.  We were also able to reach our goals in terms of customer acquisition. We discovered some new very effective marketing channels whilst also confirming the inefficiency of others giving us solid input to accelerate even more in 2019.

Sunny Paris, Founder & CEO,

During our collaboration with we directly contributed to an increase in traffic via the website, qualified leads and company revenue. The relaunch of content marketing via the blog has also led to the generation of leads.

We were also instrumental in structuring the marketing team and creating business processes, guides and best practises which enabled the team to grow and easily scale their actions.

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