Joya Communication

Generating 600 qualified leads in two weeks and achieving massive sign-ups for online training with Facebook Ads

qualified leads
sign-ups for online training
2 weeks

About the client

Joya Communication is a digital communication agency specializing in the wellness and coaching industry.
The agency offers online training to this industry’s players.


Joya Communication seeks to gain a strong position in a market that is still not very mature. Wellness professionals are in fact mainly individual entrepreneurs or very small businesses who traditionally rely on word of mouth and events to develop their activity. They are far from being digital experts, it is therefore necessary to first convince them of the benefits of an online communication strategy.

As part of its collaboration with Chamara, Joya Communication wanted to promote its online training offer. These training courses allow wellness professionals to design their brand identity and develop their digital communication strategy with full autonomy. A real challenge as this audience is not used to digital techniques.

The challenge was therefore threefold for Joya Communication:

  • identify the right web marketing channels to promote their training and have as many professionals sign up;
  • find the right tone of voice and create the right messages to reach targets accustomed to offline communication;
  • Run cost-effective marketing campaigns from day one.


To address these issues, Chamara designed and implemented a three-step solution.

1/ Content strategy

The first challenge of Joya Communication was the lack of digital proficiency among wellness professionals.

The first step was therefore to design a content strategy focused on educating these professionals. The objective was to allow them to easily learn and understand the benefits of digital communication for recruiting loyal customers.

Chamara wrote an ebook and promoted it on Facebook: The 5 Key Steps to Get your Visual Communication Right from the Beginning

2/ Landing page

In order to include this content strategy in a consistent customer journey, Chamara designed a landing page dedicated to Joy Communication’s online training.

The idea of ​​this landing page was to add an additional conversion point to Joya Communication’s website.

The customer journey imagined by Chamara was as follows:

Step 1: the prospect consumes educational content crafted specifically to answer their questions and needs;
Step 2: thanks to this content, prospects further advance in the conversion funnel as they are questioning their own communication strategies. The training then allows them to gain even more knowledge and to convert by downloading premium content or signing up for a training.

3/ Facebook Ads Campaigns

Although they are reluctant to use digital communication strategies, therapists and wellness professionals are very active on Facebook when it comes to their personal lives.

Chamara therefore developed a Lead Ads campaign on Facebook. The idea was to give free access to a video module from Joya Communication’s training in exchange for an email address.

Prospects simply had to enter their email addresses to be directed to a page were the video was embedded. This way, it became possible to build up a list of highly qualified leads without purchasing databases.

In addition to the content strategy and the landing page, it was important to launch a campaign that quickly generates qualified prospects and boosts sign-ups. Hence the Facebook ads.


In just two weeks, the Facebook Ads campaigns have generated 568 qualified prospects and boosted the number of sign-ups for Joya’s online training (almost one hundred registrations).

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