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Helping Birdie reach and engage their community during the Covid-19 crisis

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of MQLs generated became customers

About the client

London-based startup Birdie has developed a software to enable home care agencies to digitise and improve the management of their care processes including: creating, updating and sharing client care plans and medication records, sharing information with practitioners and families, auditing and monitoring care delivery.

In 2018, Birdie raised €7 million from AXA and its incubator to accelerate the development of their solution.


The impact of Covid-19 on home care agencies was particularly severe. Birdie's priority during the crisis was to identify ways to support home care agencies and their caregivers so that elderly people could ultimately continue to receive the best possible care despite the complicated circumstances..

The challenge for the Marketing team was to continue generating leads while adapting their communication and showing sensitivity towards agencies and caregivers. A commercial approach lacking empathy would have suggested that Birdie saw this health crisis as a mere opportunity to yield more profits and would have ultimately damaged their image.

The second challenge for Birdie was to demonstrate that their software could be a great asset for home care agencies and their caregivers in times of crisis by enabling remote monitoring of care delivery.


To address these issues and the urgency of the situation, Chamara designed and implemented a three-step solution.

1/Make daily tasks easier for home care agencies and caregivers

Chamara helped Birdie develop their free offer for agencies to facilitate their care delivery. Agencies could sign up to use Birdie’s solution with free access to key features during the pandemic.

The software makes it possible for caregivers to do their jobs while going paperless. Unnecessary contact with the elderly is therefore considerably reduced, as is the risk of contamination. And caregivers no longer need to go to the office to work through their paperwork, which avoids additional social contact and therefore increasing transmission risk.

Chamara created a landing page and a communication campaign to promote this free service.

2/ Communicate in a very human way and show Birdie’s core values

Chamara created a crisis messaging framework. Any message that was published by Birdie during the Covid-19 crisis was thus consistent with this framework, which avoided any slip-ups.

This helped to convey Birdie's values across all communication channels and to safeguard the image of the company in a time of crisis.

The Chamara team was incredibly quick to respond during the Covid-19 crisis which hit our industry very hard. Only 48 hours after the lockdown was announced, we already had a landing page promoting our free services up and running as well as a crisis messaging framework.

3/ Show how Birdie makes caregivers’ job easier in time of crisis

Chamara worked with Birdie to implement a series of webinars to discuss issues faced by home care agencies during the crisis and offer solutions.

The idea was twofold: to offer free support and advice to all care agencies in need and to demonstrate that Birdie’s solution could be an asset to help manage care delivery during the crisis. .

Over an 11 week period, Chamara helped Birdie to create 8 webinars and run promotional campaigns including dedicated landing pages, email campaigns and Facebook Ads


Each webinar attracted an average of 82 participants. Over a quarter of these participants were new qualified leads and 8% have now entered the sales process or become customers.

The Facebook Ad campaigns have proven to be the most effective and profitable marketing channel with an average cost per qualified prospect of £3.61.

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