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We’ve worked with many different kinds of companies to revamp their sales and marketing processes in order to drive qualified leads and business growth. Read on to find out more about their challenges and how we could help.
B2B SaaS software
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The company: is a lead management software designed to help salespeople prospect and close deals more easily. The platform is translated into 7 languages and used by 10,000 salespeople in 80 countries worldwide.

Their problem: was undergoing rapid growth and international expansion. Their aim was to increase qualified online free trial sign-ups for their platform. Operating in a competitive market, with an inexperienced marketing team, they needed help on structuring their marketing strategy and implementing actions that would help them stand out from their competitors.

The results: experienced a 40% increase in revenue thanks to an increase of 35% in free trials on their website.

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“When you’re in a growth phase where you have to handle both the recruitment of a new team and managing the company at the same time, it’s important to be able to rely on professionals. We chose Chamara for their professionalism, their knowledge of digital and SaaS marketing as well as for the close working relationship they established with the founders. They also helped save us a lot of time by enabling us to start structuring our team while taking the time to choose the right Sales and Marketing managers.”

Sunny Paris, Founder & CEO -

Age Tech
of MQLs generated became customers

The company: Birdie is a UK-based home care software which enables domiciliary care agencies to digitise their care delivery processes. This enables care to be delivered in a more efficient and safer way, helping agencies save time and ensuring their clients receive the very best care.

Their problem: Birdie was facing two main challenges. Firstly they were targeting a niche audience of UK-based home care agencies, secondly their target market was in the early adoption stage and needed educating on the benefits of swapping paper for digital. Therefore they needed to balance communicating about their product as well as the advantages of digitising care processes without saturating their database.

The results: The campaign generated 176 MQLs generated at £3.61 per qualified lead. 8% of the MQLs entered sales process or became customers.

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The Chamara team was incredibly quick to respond during the Covid-19 crisis which hit our industry very hard. Only 48 hours after the lockdown was announced, we already had a landing page promoting our free services up and running as well as a crisis messaging framework.

Laetitia Van Hoecke, Head of Marketing - Birdie Care

B2B SaaS Business Software

The company: Uber for Business is the B2B arm of Uber, providing mobility as a service to professionals and companies. Companies use a centralised platform to manage their employees’ and clients’ travel giving them access to automated expense receipts, priority ride-ordering at stations and airports, as well as the option to use Uber Eats and offer client gifts.

Their problem: Uber needed help localising their marketing website to the French market. They were not getting the number of B2B leads that they wanted as their website was not adapted to French businesses. Without a French marketing team in place, they decided to ask for help from an external agency.

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B2B Service / SME
+ 36%
organic traffic in a year

The company: Skywork is a business centre located in Lyon and specialising in long-term office rentals for the legal and accounting professions. They also offer meeting room hire and domiciliation services.

The challenge: Despite a strategic location at the heart of Lyon’s business district, Skywork was launching their business into a crowded market and needed to be able to compete with large brands offering coworking and office space at a national level. They initially needed help at launch to differentiate their service and to establish their presence in the market. Once this was successfully achieved, they required help on a monthly basis to generate inbound leads to ensure that the business centre was always operating at full capacity.

The result: Within 6 months after launch, Skywork had rented the majority of its office space thanks to the marketing actions that had been implemented. More recently the priority has been on increasing organic traffic and transitioning from paid leads from highly successful Adwords campaigns to organic leads. Between 2018 and 2019 the organic traffic increased by 36% year on year and the number of leads from Adwords represented less than 36.5% of the total leads generated.

“We’ve been working with Chamara since Skywork launched back in 2017. With their help, we were able to quickly establish ourselves as a key business service in the Lyon Part-Dieu district, have seen amazing results for our office rental services and have now become a trusted partner for major brands for our meeting room hire services.”

Camille Loth, Founder & CEO - Skywork Business Centre

Creative Agency
qualified leads

The company: Joya Communication is a digital communication agency specializing in the wellness and coaching industry. The challenge was therefore threefold for Joya Communication.

The challenge: As part of its collaboration with Chamara, Joya Communication wanted to promote its online training offer. These training courses allow wellness professionals to design their brand identity and develop their digital communication strategy with full autonomy. A real challenge as this audience is not used to digital techniques.

The result: In just two weeks, the Facebook Ads campaigns have generated 568 qualified prospects and boosted the number of sign-ups for Joya’s online training (almost one hundred registrations).

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I would never have imagined that I could develop my online training offer so quickly with Facebook Ads. Thanks to Chamara’s campaigns, the number of sign-ups for my training increased from 5 to +100 in two weeks.

Prescillia Alliot, Founder & CEO - Joya Communication

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